Cragger is a character from Legends of Chima and one of the main characters in the TV series.

Storyline Edit

Cragger Lego

Cragger is Laval best friend but when an accident happens that breaks there friendship. Because of that that makes a long lasting war between the two and that brings war to all of Chima. Eventually they remake there friendship and He becomes one of the Legends of Chima.

Sets Edit

  • 70006 Cragger's Command Ship
  • 70014 The Croc Swamp Hideout
  • 70115 Ultimate Tournament
  • 70010 The Lion Chi Temple
  • 70126 Crocodile Legend Beast
  • 70132 Scorm's Scorpion Stinger
  • 70135 Cragger's Fire Striker
  • 70144 Laval Fire Lion
  • 70150 Flaming Claws
  • 70227 King Crominus' Rescue

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