Laval is a hero in Legends of Chima. He is a regular sized minifigure.

Storyline Edit

Laval Chima Lego

Laval was living in peace in till a break in relationship with Cragger. Then he became a hero when he was very evolved in the wars and did anything he could for Chima. Later he became the king for a short while and acted very well. This led Chima to peace. This also made him a legend of Chima.

Sets Edit

  • 70005 Laval's Royal Fighter
  • 70010 The Lion Chi Temple
  • 70115 Ultimate Tournament
  • 70123 Lion Legend Beast
  • 70132 Scorm's Scorpion Stinger
  • 70134 Lavertus' Outland Base
  • 70144 Laval Fire Lion
  • 70156 Fire vs. Ice
  • 70227 King Crominus' Rescue

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